Episode 2 Show Notes

Thank you for giving happycrafter207 podcast another listen. If this is your first time listening please feel free to have a listen to the first episode which has some good intro info.

To Start, I got to go to the Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm. ITS FANTASTIC!!! My Friends from the Dorm Room on Ravelry hooked me up with a great Christmas gift…Rentaplaca Package. The Rentaplaca Package (A year in their Life) is a program where I get to pick an alpaca to visit at the farm (pretty much whenever I want :-)), plus I get lots of education about the Alpacas from the owners Robin and Corry.

In additional to the visiting and education at the farm, I also get to purchase fiber from my alpaca. I can pick roving or have it made into yarn. Here are some pictures of the alpaca. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!

And I know all of you are waiting to see Eclipse (Clippy). I picked Eclipse because of his beautiful true black fiber. I was able to see skeins of his fiber made into yarn and it was so black and GLOSSY. Right now I am planning on getting the fiber made into yarn but if I happen to learn to spin between now and April, I might just have to have it in roving so i can have handspun Clippy yarn.

He has two front white legs, which just adds to his cuteness.

Please visit the farms website, they have more great pics and lots of information. http://www.northernsolsticealpaca.com/

Second piece of exciting news for me with week was signing up for CAMP KIP. Camp KIP is being held April 6 to the 9 in St. Louis AND I GET TO GO!!! Clearly I am super excited. 4 days of knitting fun what more could a girl as for over the week of her birthday. NOTHING!!!—PLUS all of my favorite of podcasters are going to be there. SO EXCITING…I have suggested a swap which will involve a  package to represent your local area within a $10 budget. Sounds likes the ladies like the idea so I am organizing the Local Swap. http://www.campkip.com/Welcome_to_Camp_KIP.html

Sticks & Strings

Stir Up socks are on hold for now because I am working on Mystery 220 KAL. I LOVE THIS GROUP, all of you should check out this group. Here is the link again http://www.ravelry.com/groups/mystery-220. I am working on the January beadwork project, I believe I told ya’ll in the last show that I was using amber beads. As you can see I changed my mind and decided to use white beads. The mystery group has released they are not only doing a February project but a Valentine’s day Project. 

Down on the Corner

 Here is a picture of my frame that Gerry built me about two years ago. This was the start of Hopewood Crafts.


That Should Cover it

Sewing machine is back, going to test it out this coming weekend by making the Summer Blouse out of the Weekend Sewing Book by Heather Ross. I’ll post Pics as soon as I have it done.

Food for Thought

Puffy Pancake                                 

3 tablespoon butter
4 eggs
1 1/3 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 cups unbleached white flour
1/2 teaspoon sea salt

I hope you enjoyed this show, Please leave me a comment. AND look out for Episode #3.


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  1. Jolene
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 09:11:47

    did u get to go see Clippy this week-end??


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