Episode 6 Show Notes


Happycrafter207 podcast has had over 1300 downloads since January! I love getting your messages so please continue doing so. You can email me at Happycrafter207@aol.com or on Ravelry at Happycrafter207. What do we think about having our own Ravelry group for chit chat purposes? INPUT please.

Spring is coming and I have 10 Baby chicks

  • Rhode Island Red-Gerrys pick
  • Australorp
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte
  • Easter Egger
  • White Cochin

Stick & Strings:

SPA-Trip to Freeport Maine, NETA puts together this event. It’s always in February. Their Blog

If you are interested in their Ravelry group.

Look I learned how to do hyperlinks correctly, work is good for something lol.

The Welcome Crew

 Here is a picture of the welcoming crew…they had two of these cute guys as you walked into the vendor area. In the lobby area was where are the people doing their spinning and knitting, I thought I took a picture of it but I most have not. Too bad it was super cool.There was about 20 different vendors in 2 rooms.Here is the list of the vendors-

The * are the people who I purchased items from, please visit all of the vendors site. If I would have had more money I would have purchased more.

Look at this BRIGHT/BOOK yarn isn’t it GREAT!!!!

Sereknity Yarn

 The whole event was great…I heard there was so great classes as well as I knit goods fashion show. Maybe even a tacky sweater show. Maybe next year I will go for the whole weekend.Dont forget to enter the contest-Episode 4 shownotes…WINNER will be picked on March 13. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!..thanks for listening 🙂
By the way here is my MY CAMP KIP PJ SHIRT!!!

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  1. Heather
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 13:24:24

    Hey Lori, thank you so much for the wonderful kind comments about my shop in the podcast! (Those are some pretty rockin’ boots, aren’t they? hehehe) You mentioned you are on facebook — so am I! I’d love it if you were to head on over to my page — http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sereknity-Yarn-and-Fiber/121848214496830. You’ll see shop updates there, and I have some big things coming! The new website will be ready soon, too!
    It was lovely to meet you and I hope I get the chance to see you again soon. 🙂


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