Episode 7 Show Notes


Thank you for listening again. Couple of things before we start-Remember you have until sunday march 13 to entry the contest…see show notes 4. And please remember to leave me a rating on iTunes so the show pops up for new listeners faster. PLEASE 🙂

Sticks and Strings:

I am still working on my February lady sweater. I am really enjoying it, the lace pattern is easy to remember which is nice and I included a tip in the podcast about stitch markers.

I am about 2 inches farther than this picture shows but it give you an idea of how it is coming along. I am pretty happy with it. Hopefully it fits me. (cross your fingers) I need to start thinking about what 3 buttons I am going to use for the top. Any suggestions? I am thinking that I am going to make the sleeves either elbow length or 3/4 sleeves.

I have purchased 2oz of MAWATA. Here is kind of any interesting fact. The original name, mawata, comes from Japanese, and means “to spread around.” This form of silk was originally used as padding inside winter kimonos

Tussah silk roving hankies

 I purchased mine from Amy’s Shop Spunky Eclectic. She does beautiful dying any of her items…any fiber event she is at her booth is always BUSY!. I can’t decide if I am going to make a simple part of mittens or if I should try this shawlette. I didn’t see this till writing up the show notes but here is a good mitten pattern if anyone is interested.

Down on the Corner:

I finally have a design completed and I became an overachiever because I have successfully come up with 3 different designs for kits to draw up. Plus I think Gerry is going to learn how to rug hooking, he wants to try rug hooking using yarn instead of the wool fabric like I do which I think is great because we will then have two different types of rug hooking to show folks at our fiber events we will be going too. He is a pretty smart cookie.

Food for Thought:

Lemon Mousse

8oz of cream cheese
14oz of Sweetened Condensed Milk
5-6 oz of lemon juice
dash of vanilla
blend for about 2mins (low to start then high for most of the 2mins)
we poured that into dessert cups and let set for about an 2 hour in the fridge–top with whipped cream-SO GOOD!

Our Official Taste-tester give it 2 BIG thumbs up~! Thanks honey (Gerry)


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