Episode 12 Show Notes


Back from the Dead~

Well I have been home sick for the last 3 days…I have had a horrible cold, I am blaming it on several factors. The adjustment from the lovely weather in St. Louis, MO to the chilly weather here in Maine over the past week. Second one of my nephews has a cold and I spent Saturday with them. AND LAST is AMANDA!—-she had the cold 1st last week…and we took a crafting class together Wednesday and she ended up having to take the rest of the week off work. Needless to say I am feeling better now and plan to head to work tomorrow (Friday) and will have to work Saturday too (which stinks! lol) However Saturday night Gerry is taking me our to see Water for Elephants (MY FAVORITE BOOK!!!!) I hope the movie is half as good as the book and I hope Gerry enjoys it.


 I have FINALLY finished my February lady sweater. I just weaved in all my ends about an hour ago, I just need to block the sweater and attach the buttons at this point. Unfortunately I just realized I don’t have any SOAK. So i am hoping that my LYS has some in stock so I can purchase it at my lunch break tomorrow and then block my sweater Saturday after work.

I have also been working on my Eliza fingerless gloves. I am using the magic loop technique that I learned at Camp KIP. I am enjoying the pattern now…but honestly at 1st I had to frog the beginning of cuff 4 times before I was happy with it. Each time I had about an inch of the knitting done so it wasnt too bad. I am now at the lace pattern.

 I am still waiting on my purple yarn to come from turtlepurl to start the daybreak by Stephen West. I am looking forward to starting that project.

Down on the Corner:

So Gerry is hooking. AND he is doing a GREAT JOB!!! He picked one of the designs I did and Saturday I showed him how to do hooking. He did it for about an hour that night and it was looking pretty good. Sunday was a rainy yucky day and we just stayed inside and to my surprise he picked up the hook and started hooking without me saying anything. He spent most of the day hooking. And at this point he has about 60% completed. We placed an order for more blue wool strips because he doesn’t believe he was going to have enough to complete the sky. I AM SO HAPPY with his progress. He told me yesterday that I could take a picture of his work and talk about it on my podcast.


That Should Cover it:

I have been working on trash bags which are items we sell at craft fairs. They are great for scraps while sewing and hooking. I generally have one hanging on the table next to me anytime I am crafting even knitting. The bags are pretty much the only sewing I have been working on.

The other Fabric craft I have been working on is rag rugs. Amanda and I took a class at Alewives (our lqs) and learned to make Rag rugs. It uses about 2 yds of muslin for the warp on a wooden frame (loom). In additional you need about 11 yds of fabric used for weaving. Amanda and I used batiks which is great because there is no right side/wrong side.

Food For Thought:


This is not really a Cooking recipe but a Craft project using Food.

Peeps Wreath

 I used a Swimming noodle because in the whole of midcost Maine there are NO styrofoam wreath bases. We also used about 17 packages of marshmallow Peeps. (each 10ct packs) and toothpicks. My 4 yrs old nephew had a great time “helping”. I think this would be a great way to spend Easter Sunday with some little ones.


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