Episode 14 Farmlife?

Episode 14 is here. Sorry I am a little late again, I was going to record on Sunday (Mother’s Day) but decided family time was most important.

So I am going to start with MY LATEST exciting news. MY CHICKS are here! SO CUTE!…I ordered my chickens from My pet chicken which had great customer service. They called on monday to tell me that the white Cochin didnt hatch so they wanted to know if we wanted a sub or if we wanted our money back….huh duh? we went 2 different chicks. LOL

So we ended up with 2 Buff Orpington which is fine with me because I wasnt in love with the white chickens but I really wanted the Cochin because they have the feathers all over. (down their legs)

OH By the way…here is a picture of the brooder which Gerry made. (he did a good job) I can’t take any credit for it but tell him to make it lol

The other thing we did this week was head over to two different Alpaca farms. Two very different farms which was cool to see how they are setup. The 1st Alpaca farm was Village Farm Alpacas in Waldoboro. We met with Terry and they invited me to volunteer on shearing day on 05/26 (not sure I will be able to because of work schedule). We also went to visit Good Karma Farm which was good because it was they shearing day so I got to see the whole process. Good Karma is cool because they have a mill so they are able to spin their own yarn. They dyeing is beautiful…check out their shop.


I have 1 of my socks completed (LOVE THEM) and I am still working on my Daybreak shawl. Its coming out great. I love the yarn. check out Turtlepurl Yarn on Etsy.

HERE is so exciting news. I am in love with Knitcircus. I think it is the best 7.99 I have spent in the last 5 months and will purchase the pattern collections going forward each month and might go back and purchase the past few. AND they have a KAL I am going to do the ISIS by Chriss Storch. LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern ….Chriss has been chatting with us on the Ravelry group. JOIN US!!! it’s going to be so much fun

Down on the Corner:

We have been getting ready for our Fair circuit. Our 1st fair is in 1 1/2 week. Join us at http://www.acadiafiberfaire.com/ which is located in Southwest Harbor. BUSY BUSY

That should cover it:

The sewing I have been working on is the Heather Ross Sundress. ITS A FREE Pattern. Mendocino Fabrics! I have made 3 of these and now I am making it with my 4h girls. Wish me luck lol.


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