Episode 15-Chicken Little

We made it to episode 15, I am so glad y’all stuck with me. AND on top of that we made it through yesterday which was supposed to be the end of the earth. Which leads me to the story of Chicken Little….many of us remember this story and if you are not lucky enough to remember this story; google it. When will these world ending stories became worn out. I guess we will have to wait till 2012 to see.

In additional to my thoughts on that…LOOK AT MY 10 SUPER cute chicks!  These little chickens are doing great. They will be two weeks old on monday. They have changed so much, the feathers are starting to develop. I believe it soon will be naming time. Now I just need to think of a theme for the 10 names. Suggestions?

How Cute!
Last weekend was date night-we went to dinner and then went to see Water for Elephants. Both of us enjoyed it. GO SEE IT! and if you havent read the book. PLEASE do so. SO GOOD!
Now I need to go see pirates of the caribbean 4 (love Johnny Depp)
Yesterday we went to Acadia Fiber Faire.  Keep your eyes open for next years date. It’s a cute little fair. Got to see Heather from Highland handmades. She also has a videocast the Fiberista File. I also got to see Deb From the purple fleece. Deb was a great resource for Gerry and myself last year which was our first year of fiber fairs. She also great classes at the fairs and she does them at her shop too.

Sticks & Strings:

I am still working on my straight up socks…1 sock is completely done and the other has the toe done. I am currently using this as my car knitting.

I am also working on my Daybreak. I love this finished item so I need to keep truckin’ along…but its a little on the boring side. The stripes help.

I am going to do my gauge swatch for Isis tonight…did you do your homework assignment to go check out Knitcircus Magazine?
I believe I going to start with a size 8 needle. I don’t care for swatching so hopefully I get it right the 1 time around.

Down on the Corner:

Gerry finished the program.  He did a fantastic job! He built a frame so it could be a show piece for our booth.

I am happy to report the design/Kits were a big hit. I will be working on a few more designs.

That should Cover it:

I have worked on two sewing projects, either of these were very exciting. But the finished project items were GREAT!…I worked on my trash bags and also on Summer dresses which I am working on with the 4H girls. I am taking my camera tomorrow to take some photos of our progress.

Food for Thought:

BBQ Apple Pork

SO this is so easy and it is SO GOOD!

1 cup of your favorite bbq sauce

1 can of apple pie filling

Porkchops…boneless is what i prefer but it is up to you.

put all 3 of these in a crockpot and cook on low for 8hrs. YUM-O! TRY IT!


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