Episode 24: You can call me SAL

This week I am going to more of a list for show notes BECAUSE I did more editing than I have over the last several Podcast. I got some kinds words from a friend/podcaster who mentioned there has been a lot of UMMS and ANDS in the last couple of shows and honestly I have gotten a little lazy with editing. SO this is my sorry!

Hopefully this weeks show is an improvement.

Plus show notes are going to be A LOT about the SAL-I am so excited about this project. I am so glad that a lot of you are also excited.

Sticks & Strings:

Jordan is still on a good clip. And i am loving the actually knitting which is great.

Daybreak-nothing to say about this LOL

I got the traveling woman shawl pattern from my wish list on the Random acts of Kindness Group.

I am going to CampKIP again!! session 2.

That should cover it:

Baby Quilt:

30 1/2 inch X 35inch

6 square X 7 sqaure

Throw Quilt:

57 1/2inch  X 66 1/2inch

12sqaure X 14square

Twin (double possible):

75 1/2inch X 93 1/2inch

16square X 20square

Cute Little Fabric Sandwiches

Food For Thought:


2-3 C of White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)

4LBS of Mussels (2 bags of 2LBS)

4TBSP of garlic

1TBSP of olive oil

1 Sm onion

1 stick of Butter (FOR DIPPING)-yum

Oil in stock pot. Add your garlic and onion, cook for about 1min. Add mussels to pot and pour in your wine. Cover pot, steam for 4mins…stir to get Garlic &onion goodness all over mussels. and then cover again, and steam for 4 more mins. Serve with Butter.

Trust me it is GOOD!

Sponsor for this Month:

Fripperies & Bibelots

Look at these awesome prizes:

Here is the link for the Contest Thread. Just have to go to Sarah’s etsy shop and tell me which item you like best…and I will pick a winner at random for these awesome prizes.


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