Episode 38 1st year Podiversary

Happy Podiversary to me!!!

I have enjoyed the past year so much. Getting the chance to meet and talk with so many new listeners has been great. I have done things over the past year I can even imagine I would have done.

  1. Start a Podcast
  2. Going to a knitting camp alone
  3. organizing a knit in public event
  4. and just putting myself out there in general

I thank all of my listenings for that. So to say thank you to all of you I have a CONTEST- I LOVE CONTEST as you may have guessed. This one is pretty special- I reached out to Wendy from Knitters Brewing Company. And she as supplied this month’s prize. IT IS AWESOME!

MORE details to come about that…yes I am a tease!

Sticks & Strings:

Leaflet is well on its way. I have completed the 3rd leaf and have decided in do a 4th one to add about 4 inches of length to the cardigan. I have decided to add at least 1 extra set of increases and may do a 2nd because I am hippy.

Lucky Charm Mystery sock1 Clue 1 was released yesterday 01/13/2012 but because I purchased the Kit I have had my 1st clue for about two weeks, so my toes of each foot are complete, next clue will be released 01/20/2012
Knuckle Buster which is a fingerless mitt pattern that I have decided I need for myself. My sister got a pair for Christmas and she told me she wears her almost everyday and for the last week at work I have been freezing. I have the PDF saved on my Kindle which is working out nicely. (Saving paper! and Printer ink)

Food for Thought:

Bacon Cheddar Quiche

3/4LBS  Bacon (cooked and chopped up)

1/2C  Onion

1 1/3C Cheddar cheese

1/2C Mozzarella Cheese

1C Half & Half

4 Large Eggs

1 t pepper

1t salt

1 pie crust

Place Pie crust into pie dish. Preheat oven to 400F.  Mix eggs and half & half then mix in onion, bacon and cheese and seasonings. Bake Quiche for 15 minutes at 400  degrees then turn oven down to 350degrees and continue to bake for 25-30mins. ENJOY!


Photo of us DYEING!

Purple Fleece shop where . I love dyeing and I have some exciting plans for dyeing up my sleeve.


Starting on the left hand side is fingering weight-hot pink & silver-grey (LOVE IT!); the middle is strawberry red color in wool worsted weight 490yrds and right hand side fingering weight in green, chestnut and some blue (probably going to be socks for Gerry)- I LOVED THIS CLASS! and plan on exploring more with color.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sabrina
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 16:54:21

    congratulations on your podaversery.
    if i could be any animal it would be a lap dog. they are great companions that get plenty hugs and kisses.


  2. Terry Forster
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 07:33:13

    Lori, have loved this podcast from the beginning, congratulations! If I could be any animal, I thinl I would choose to be a bird, perhaps a raven. They have such instincts, they are almost human in the way they think and use tools, but what a view they get when they are up in the sky flying. How great would it be to just cruise around on the air currents, checking things out.
    Keep up the good work. Terry F.


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